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Everyone’s trying to “move forward” or “get ahead” in life. While those phrases can mean different things to different people. The difficult part is that there’s so much information out there that’s either information overload or not relevant to the individual.

This newsletter of mine will touch on my experiences and lessons along the path of generating wealth.

This will be done through a few main categories.

  1. Personal Finance

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I’m no one special and started out with nothing. In fact, less than nothing. Trying to get ahead just like most people who have decided to subscribe to this newsletter.

If you think this is you, then subscribe and learn from my accomplishments/mistakes so that you might possibly use them for yourself.


Paul Cerro

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Sharing my lessons along the path to building my (mini) empire. From start to 'finish' and everything in between.


Former investment banker @MerrillLynch in the consumer goods and retail space. Currently CIO of Cedar Grove Capital Management which specializes in long/short, merger arb, IPOs, and special situation research.